We’ve used our intelligence-led insights for decades to help defend Governments, Nations and societies from cyber-attacks and financial institutions of all sizes protect themselves from money laundering, terrorist financing and financial crime. We approach this using the same techniques, analytics and intelligence we pioneered to defend nations. Our customers depend on our evolving capabilities to help them safely grow their organisations. Our unprecedented access to threat intelligence, world-leading analysts and market-leading technology means we can help them to adapt, evolve and stay ahead of the criminals.

We look at criminality from a holistic standpoint, not specific financial products, departments or silos. This requires analytics that are honed to detect subtle patterns, revealing hidden criminal fingerprints across multiple data sources; indicating criminal collusion, and tools which allow investigators to make fast, accurate, consistent decisions about suspicious activity without slowing down genuine customers. We solve complex data problems using our unique set of solutions, systems, experience and processes by analysing huge volumes of data. We defend our customers against cyber attacks, detect fraud, comply with laws and regulations, and conduct intelligence-led policing.

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