The Regulatory Reporting Innovation Forum – Frankfurt

12th September 2019 Frankfurt

Aidan Paddick - ABN Amro Bank

You’ll learn, whatever level you are at in your organisation, it’s a real cross section of people both from your peer firms and it’s always good to hear what they’re doing, also to hear what’s developing as best market practice. Today has been really interactive and open, which has been really beneficial for me.

*Commenting on previous Transform Finance event.

About the Event

Just one recent example of EU regulatory reform, Mifid II, generated 30,000 pages of detailed text, each needing to be read, understood, applied, and reported on by banks.

The amount of resource and investment required to meet the ever-changing needs of regulations like these is vast. But while reporting will increasingly be driven by RegTech in the future, the path to completely automated reporting is complex.

This one-day forum will define the optimal digital regulatory reporting strategy, and outline the key steps needed to get there. It will also address the latest innovative strategies and technologies that are revolutionising regulatory reporting.

Full agenda and speaker line-up coming soon.

Our audience


Why Attend?

This is a peer-to-peer executive forum with spaces limited to 40 senior level delegates, built in response to the reporting challenges identified by some of banking’s leading GRC experts.

Key benefits:

  • Benchmark against current best practice in reporting procedures and technology.
  • Work towards reduced regulatory fines by sharing ideas on improving your reporting strategy and processes.
  • Find out the latest news on planned regulatory changes.
  • Meet with senior banking sector peers to discuss shared experiences and challenges.
  • Grab the opportunity for one-to-one meetings with our systems integrator and vendor partners to discuss possible RegTech solutions.
  • Be part of the agenda – our interactive panel discussions, roundtables, and one-to-one meetings ensure that the day is bespoke and meets your specific needs.
  • Stay ahead of the curve via briefings on the technology disruptions to come.
  • Discover the latest RegTech and strategic offerings for your sector.
  • Get fresh perspectives from the industry’s real innovators.
  • Invest in yourself. Take time out to grow your expertise and stay ahead of the competition.


I found today’s event very informative, there was a wide range of very credible speakers and the tables and discussion panels we’ve had afterwards have been incredibly useful and informative. Events like these are imperative, you learn new things, you learn how your competitors are actually utilising new technologies, you learn from industry professionals and you increase your own professionalism into the bargain, for me this is an absolute essential for modern day financial professionals.

*Commenting on previous Transform Finance event.

Andrew Fleming


Events like this are very important because it brings together a lot of working professionals who face challenges on a day to day basis, it helps give perspective on the challenges that other companies are facing and it broadens your view of other realities of the industry, it’s very easy to get lost in the day to day of your own work and believe that this is the entire universe, but stepping out of it at events like this are really great ways of showing what your own company is doing, showing how you yourself are reaching financial crime best practice but also getting new information and best practices on what ‘s coming and currently happening from other people who know what they’re doing.

*Commenting on previous Transform Finance event.

Erik Wu


Thought provoking. Everybody has been challenging their own held beliefs, people might not change them but it’s all about listening and being open to learn and share experiences. I think it’s important that you plan and prepare for events like this and see them as part of what you have to achieve during the year. You need to know what’s happening in your organisation but also what’s happening in a wider space.

*Commenting on previous Transform Finance event.

Fintan Byrne


Today has been a very thought provoking day and provided me with a lot of food for thought, I’m going to take away ideas and suggestions from what I’ve heard today, what I’ve learned from others and its given me an opportunity to prepare for future conversations with vendors about the solutions that will work best for my institution.

*Commenting on previous Transform Finance event.

Caroline Kennedy



The Regulatory Reporting Innovation Forum – Frankfurt

Frankfurt Marriott Hotel
Hamburger Allee 2
Frankfurt 60486

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