Benchmarking the New Banking Value Chain on Cyber Security

9:00 am | 18th June 2019 | The Banking Cyber Security Forum London

Tackling weaknesses in a bank’s digital security structure means implementing a cohesive strategy – one that embraces removable media, the internet, mobility, email, fixed network connections and improved cyber awareness across the value chain. With the Payments Services Directive (PSD2) ushering in a new era for financial services, the pressure has never been greater for banks to optimise information for competitive advantage whilst never losing sight of compliance obligations and customer needs.

This opening session benchmarks the sector today, and features updates on recent or expected regulatory changes and technological developments on cyber resilience. As such, it offers a unique opportunity to measure your own business against industry standards and best practice, hear ideas for driving cyber resilience across your business and hear the latest insights on regulatory compliance and risk.

Key topics:

  • What does strong data infrastructure look like in 2019? And what should banks be aiming for by 2025 and beyond?
  • How can leaders avoid ‘ivory tower’ implementations that neglect stakeholders’ needs?
  • How can banks align GRC, technology, and operational business units for increased cross-unit understanding and reduced risk?
  • What are the target governance models to ensure compliance with monitoring and reporting frameworks – including how organisational roles and responsibilities are defined?

Q&A and Interactive Panel Discussion:

  • Will the Banking Sector Embrace PSD2 and Open Technology?
  • Can Banks Utilise Compliance Experience to Stay Ahead of New Entrants?