Finding New Ways to Get Ahead on Cyber Security and Threats

3:15 pm | 18th June 2019 | The Banking Cyber Security Forum London

Employee-led threat awareness, penetration testing and ethical hacking all play a part in the battle against cyber-attacks and unintentional data breaches. But how can you prepare for threats that you don’t know exist? And if hackers are using AI to attack your systems, can the same technology be trusted to defend you? This session examines the current approach to threat awareness and addresses whether an entirely new approach to data and web security is needed – and the part that AI is expected to play.

Key topics:

  • Improving threat awareness across the organisation.
  • Using technology to learn from each malicious encounter.
  • Why banks should be deploying AI to predict new threats.
  • How to put network defence at the heart of a cyber security strategy.
  • The upsides and downsides of technologies such as hybrid cloud computing, cloud security, mobile security, advanced authentication, built-in encryption, cryptography, and biometrics.

Q&A and Interactive Panel Discussion:

  • Can AI be the Answer to Tackling Cyber Threats when it is Also the Increasingly the Cause?