Managing Privacy in the Age of Open Banking, PSD2 and GDPR

1:30 pm | 18th June 2019 | The Banking Cyber Security Forum London

With growing pressure on banks to share data more widely (to increase the variety of services that are available to customers), what’s the best strategy for doing so, while mitigating the risk of breaches or attacks? Does adding new automated services mean expanding the threat surface? Learn why using technology to ensure regulatory compliance offers a chance to reduce that risk, as banks manage, disseminate, and store a range of different data types.

Key topics:

  • What do Open Banking, the Open Source Data Standards mean for security risks and compliance?
  • How could RegTech help manage the risk of working with TPPs?
  • What’s the latest with GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018 – and what comes next?
  • Can SaaS and cloud services help identify risks, strategise risk tolerance, and facilitate regulatory requirements?
  • How can master data management help ensure adherence to policies and standards through a strict data governance framework?